Drug Testing and Breath Alcohol Testing, Dayton Ohio

MedWork collectors are knowledgeable and follow the training requirements as set forth by the “DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedures Guidelines”.  The collectors receive yearly refresher training and follow the strict requirements at our clinic and on-site locations.  The DOT requirements can be found at http://www.dot.gov/ost/dapc.

MedWork staff provides drug and alcohol testing in accordance with the requirements as set forth by the Ohio BWC Drug Free Workplace Program. 

MedWork provides a menu of services specific to your company policy testing needs: 

  • DOT 5-panel Urine Drug Screen (Federal - Regulated - NIDA)
  • Non-DOT (Non - Federal - Non-Regulated - Non NIDA)
    • 5-panel
    • 10-panel
    • Additional Substance Testing for Narcotic Panel
    • Nicotine
    • Synthetic Marijuana
    • Bath Salts
      *additional substances are available specific to company needs.
    Drug Names and Levels
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  • Oral Saliva Testing
  • Quick Screen
  • Hair Collection
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
    • MedWork Breath Alcohol Technicians are certified on two types of Breath Alcohol Instruments approved by the DOT Requirements. Staff certifications are available upon request.
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO)
    • MedWork Physicians are Certified Medical Review Officers.

Services can be performed at your workplace upon request.
Results are available on-line thru MedWork First Reports.




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